How does Vappro-CRI work?

How Vappro-CRI Works
Due to the corrosive effects of carbonation and chlorides, it causes a breakdown of the natural passivating layer on steel rebars in concrete.

Vappro-CRI offers anti-corrosion protection due to its ability to migrate in the concrete to the metal rebars and form a molecular protective layer on steel to prevent corrosion.

1. For new construction, Vappro-CRI is admixed either with the batch water or directly into a mixer.
For existing structures, Vappro-CRI is applied to the surface is drawn into the concrete via capillary adsorption—the concrete acts like a sponge, drawing Vappro-CRI inside.

2. Vappro-CRI move in a vapor phase diffusion throughout the concrete pore structure. This movement is governed by Fick’s Law of diffusion - meaning molecules move randomly throughout the matrix from areas of high concentration to areas of low concentration.

3. The ionic action of VAPPRO C.R.I. diffuses through the concrete and creates a molecular inhibiting film that ultimately protects the surface of the steel rebar.

Vappro-CRI Products
Vappro-CRI products have been developed by Magna to combat corrosion, rehabilitate and repair concrete structures.

Vappro-CRI products are now available as follows:

Vappro-CRI 4000 Series-CST
Concrete Surface Treatment

Vappro-CRI 6000 Series-VRC
Vappro Rebar Coating

Vappro-CRI 7000 Series-CRP
Concrete Repair Products

Vappro-CRI 8000 Series-CAT
Concrete Additive Treatment